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LPG Terminal Pressurized Tanjung Sekong, Banten

LPG Terminal Pressurized Tanjung Sekong, Banten

This LPG terminal development  is useful to supply gas needs in Banten Province and DKI Jakarta where WIKA becomes its main contractor. WIKA’s scope of work in projects worth USD$ 23,1 Million and Rp 79,5 Billion are Engineering , Procurement , and Construction (EPC) for spherical tanks, piping,  submarine pipeline , and filling set .

EPC North Duri Development Area 13 Project, Riau

EPC North Duri Development Area 13 Project, Riau

WIKA and consortium became a main contractor for North Duri Development EPC Project Area 13 in Riau which owned by Chevron Pasific Indonesia. This project is one of grande oil and gas project for WIKA worth USD 183 Million which done on 2012-2015 period.

Scope of work WIKA on this project are infrastructure development (Roads & Support Facility, Wellpads, On-Plot Facilities, Telecommunication, Commissioning and Start-up Assistance). 

Bosowa Pressurized LPG Terminal, Makasar South Sulawesi

Bosowa Pressurized LPG Terminal, Makasar South Sulawesi

With the enlargement of the economic sphere in the homeland, Makassar as the gateway of South Sulawesi and East Indonesia, are actually getting ready to catch that opportunity. Aksa Mahmud, owner of Bosowa Group, which then executes the construction of LPG terminal with a capacity of 10,000 MT, was divided into four spherical tanks. The Largest LPG Terminal in Eastern Indonesia stands on an area of ​​14.6 acres and was built by WIKA as the main contractor. President Director of PT Bosowa Energasindo, Juinizwan Reno, said that the history of success and WIKA’s experiences is a major consideration in the development process of Makassar LPG spherical tanks. The signing construction joint venture was held at Bidakara Building on Wednesday (14/9/2011).

Bosowa LPG Terminal Development is valued at US $ 26 million and lasts for 22 calendar months commencing from November 2011. WIKA scope of the work on this project is EPC for LPG spherical tanks, mechanical, piping, instruments & accessories work, electrical work, civil, and architectural works.

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