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IT Governance

The implementation of IT policies begins with the preparation of IT Governance Guidelines and WIKA’s IT Procedures based on SOE Minister’s Regulation Number PER-02/MBU/02/2018 concerning Information Technology Governance Principles of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, and internal Company Regulations related to organizational structure and Good Corporate Governance.


The Company is responsible for ensuring the implementation of good IT Governance/Management practices as mandated by SOE ministerial regulations. To ensure the successful implementation of the IT program, the Company established an IT Steering Committee and established the person in charge of each function who has the knowledge and competencies in their respective fields so that the process of forming and developing IT and its implementation can be carried out according to plan. The IT steering committee provides support for planning and implementation in the short and long term and functions as a supervisor in the implementation of the program. The company sets rules and policies that are able to support the acceleration of initiatives that refer to international IT operational standards.

In 2019, the Company continued to carry out reconfiguration of work descriptions in order to transform the object-based IT management approach into function-based. To strengthen and ensure business processes and good governance, the Company initiated to get ISO 20000 ITSM, ISO 27001 Security and Cobit 4.1 certification with a minimum score of 3.38.


In 2019, the Company will be in the Integrated ERP phase. In this phase, the focus of developing information technology systems is integrating all applications in the functions of Finance, Project Management, Human Capital, Marketing, Procurement into a single system that is ERP-WIKA. The company develops ERP-WIKA to achieve a system architecture that can sustain the effectiveness and efficiency of company performance.


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