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The Industry Pillar focuses on entire WIKA’s bussiness in industry. Currently, this pillar consists of concrete industry, industrial facilities and Bitumen.


The growing construction business in Indonesia is one of the reasons for the Companyto take step and get involved in supporting the dynamic of the concrete industry is which parallelsto infrastructure and economic growth in the local area. This SBU is managed by the Company’ssubsidiaries, WIKA Beton, WIKA Kobe, and WIKA Krakatau Beton.

Since 1977, the Company has been started focusing on prefabricated concrete industry by developingproducts for residential purposes. The initiative progressed into creating more products such asconcrete piles for energy distribution line and concrete pads that can be used in various projects.Business diversification is insistently applied by the Company in order to accomplish the need ofprefabricated concrete products and to accommodate other megastructure projects formed togetherwith other countries.


Industrial Facilities is part of Industry strategic business unit that focuses on steel fabrication prospect and marketing development strategy conducted by the Company’s subsidiary, WIKA Industri & Konstruksi, which works in the line of industrial construction.

Steel fabrication is often used as an economic indicator due to its role in infrastructure and economic development. Therefore, the Company is striving to maintain customers’ satisfaction by complying with international management standards, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO/TS 16949: 2009, and OHSAS 18001:2007.

In addition, the Company’s long experience in this industry will support WIKA Industri & Konstruksi in developing its business lines more competitively for all customers and its main stakeholders.


As part of the company’s business development strategy, in late 2013, WIKA acquired 100% shares of PT Sarana Karya (SAKA), in which 5,000 shares owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

SAKA is a company with the main business of natural asphalt mineral processing. The acquisition aimed to strengthen the Company’s core business in infrastructure construction and to become a major player in the mining industry in Indonesia. Located in Pulau Buton, WIKA is building a plantation that can produce 50 thousand metric tons of extraction asphalt per year and production is expected to begin in 2015. The asphalt will be used as a material for WIKA’s road construction projects or sold to other parties. With SAKA’s wide distribution channel, both domestic and foreign, WIKA believes that this acquisition will give a greatly contribute to WIKA’s future business development.




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