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External Auditor

The independent audit function of the Company’s financial aspects is carried out through an External Audit conducted by a Public Accounting Firm (KAP). The External Auditor reviewing the financial statements of WIKA for the fiscal year 2020 was determined through the Annual GMS regarding to recommendations from the Board of Commissioners and the Audit Committee. The selection process was conducted in accordance with the current mechanism for procurement of goods and services. To ensure the independence and quality of audit results, the designated External Auditor may not have a conflict of interest with the Company.



For the use of External Auditors, WIKA refers to the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 17/PMK.01/2008 dated February 5, 2008 article 3 paragraph 1 that states that the general audit services on the financial statements of an entity conducted by a KAP shall be for a maximum of 6 (six) consecutive fiscal years, and by a Public Accountant no more than 3 (three) consecutive fiscal years.

WIKA is always working to improve communication between the Public Accounting Firm, Audit and Management Committee to minimize the constraints that occur during the audit process. In order for the audit process to run in accordance with the Standards Professional Accountant, and the work agreement and established scope of the audit, to be completed in accordance with the target time set, meetings are conducted routinely to address any important significant issues.

Other Services Provided

  1. Company Performance Evaluation Report for Fiscal Year 2020;
  2. Audit compliance report (compliance audit) of the Regulations and Internal Controls Fiscal Year 2020;
  3. Audit Report on the Partnership and Community Development Program Financial Statements for the Year ended December 31, 2020.



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