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Wika Whistle Blowing Center and Gratification Control



As part of the GCG enforcement efforts, WIKA has established and implemented the reporting or whistle blowing system (WBS) in its governance. WBS reporting is initiated by WIKA’s employees on actions deemed to violate the Company’s Code of Conduct. The compliance enforcement to Code of Conduct is implemented based on the relevant policies owned by the Company or to be developed by the Company. The enforcement suits on the progress of the Company and changes in legislations.

PT WIJAYA KARYA (Persero) Tbk. have Violation Complaints Code Of Conduct or Whistleblowing Procedure No WIKA-LDS-PM-01:02, October 26, 2011.

Here is the Code Of Conduct Violation Report 2015:

WIKA's Whistle Blowing Report 2015



   a. GCG’s Compliance Team

GCG’s Compliance Team is formed by the Company to receive and follow up the reports of violation and deviation of Code of Conduct. The compliance team is directly responsible to the President Director of the Company. The identity of GCG’s Compliance team members is confidential and each member will be given protection from retaliation, stress, physical or psychological threats, administrative and legal prosecution.

    b. Fact Finding Team

Fact Finding Team was formed and recommended by GCG Compliance Team. The function of fact finding team is to search and investigate the indication of Code of conduct deviations. The existence of the Fact Finding Team is on Ad Hoc basis.

    c. Labor Honorary Council

The Council consists of officials and/or employees of the Company authorized to conduct inspections on employees who are reported/alleged to do violations of the rules/Code of Conduct. 


Furthermore, there are a number of provisions applicable to WBS of WIKA including:

  1. Each member of the Board of Commissioners, Directors, existing committees and employees may report on allegations of violation against the Code of Conduct to the Company personally, by mail or e-mail.
  1. All informants have to include clear identity. Reporting without identity will treated as merely initial information, while the follow-up of the report will be decided by GCG Compliance Team. The identity of the informants will be kept confidential, except if the following issues occur:

The identity of the informants is required related to the report or investigation conducted by the Government;

The contents of the reports are in line with the interests of the Company and objectives of Code of Conduct;

The identity of the informants is needed to defend their positions before the law.

  1. The informants are entitled to protection, including administrative immunity from the Directors and the management of the Company.
  2. Any allegation of infringement and/or deviations must be impartial to certain race, religion and groups. The report also shall not be defamatory or contain personal grievances and not related to the Code of Conduct of the Company.
  3. Reporting will not be subject to any penalty for reporting actions, unless the informants are concerned or involved in the violations or the report is a libel.

GCG Compliance Team works adhered to the principle of presumption of innocence.




PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. have Gratification Control Procedure  with No-LDS-WIKA-01:01 PM on May 19, 2014

Here is a report on the implementation of Gratuity Management PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. 2015:

WIKA's Gratification Control Procedure 2015


Gratification are giving / receiving cash / cash equivalents, goods, rebate (discount), commissions, interest-free loans, travel tickets, lodging, travel, free medical treatment and other facilities with any value, whether received in the country and abroad, and are performed using electronic or without electronic, which is carried out by WIKA Personnel with his  authority / position in the Company, so as to give rise to a conflict of interest in the future

  1. Received the gift / souvenir / donation / parcels that include the logo / company, with limits that must be met entirely as follows:
  • Logo, Company name / party giving the objects in question is an integral part of the policy / promotion of the other company;
  • Not the provision in violation of decency and law.
  1. Received honoraria as a speaker. Speakers are invited officially by third parties is allowed, as an appreciation for the contribution of ideas and expertise that has been given. It is presumed not intend to affect the employees concerned to carry out and / or not doing something related the position / office and are not prohibited in the code of ethics or internal rules of the Company
  2. Every receipts, recorded in a form that is filled out by the employee as a recipient and known by Direct Supervisors and Corporate Secretary
  3. Received gifts / souvenirs / donation / parcel and / or a meal and / or entertainment that is still within reasonable limits, if:
  • Not accepted on an ongoing basis or that the frequency is not too often so it should  be assumed not intended to give a bribe.
  • The rejection of thegift/souvenir/donation/parcelsand/or a mealand/orentertainmentisaffectedthe institutionalbusinessrelationshipbetween the Company andthird partieswhooffergifts/souvenirs/donation/parcelsand/or a mealand/orentertainment
  • Do not interfere with the effectiveness and the efficiency and quality of work of employees concerned
  • Do not do a speech or conduct of the Company's internal information exchange causes cheating / fraud and conflict of interest.
  1. If there is acceptance of gifts / souvenirs / donation / parcel and / or a meal and / or entertainment that is outside the boundaries of reasonableness, the WIKA personnel can report the matter to:
  • Direct Supervisor and  known by the Corporate Secretary, while filling out the form reception
  • Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK)
  1. For the reception of goods gift / souvenir / donation / parcel quickly outdated (eg food and beverages), or not quickly outdated (eg, cash, gold, and others) with a nominal value exceeding fairness, shall report to the Commission not later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt. No later than 30 (thirty) days from the date of receiving the report, KPK shall make specify of the acceptance, for  the recipient or the Goverment. If revenues in money and fixed by KPK for the Goverment, the money is transferred through accounts that have been provided by KPK. 


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