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Risk Management

Risk Management System Policy

History of Risk Management

WIKA has implemented and actived risk management since 2009, even had migrated from the COSO framework to ISO 31000: 2009 since 2013 and has been officially implemented in 2014. In addition, the frame work of ISO 31000: 2009 has been accommodated in Risk Management procedure No. Doc: WIKA-SMR-PM-01:01 No. Rev 04 has been approved and started actively implemented since the fourth quarter of 2014. The amendment and updating related procedures continue to be evaluated considering the dynamic changes WIKA’s business. The business changes affect the risks that threaten, so corridor or procedure related to risk management must be developed.

Road Map Manajemen Risiko WIKA




Road Map Risk Management


Implementation of Risk Management Work Programme 2014

In implementing the work program of risk management In 2014, the program defines WIKA into Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The IBC also serve as a baseline assessment of the productivity of employees. WIKA KPI defines the risk management into four major sections, ie:

1. Risk Level :

  • Clinical and Mentoring
  • Monitoring the use of risk reserve 

2. Risk Maturity Level: Risk Maturity Assessment Level by independet consultant

3. Audit Risk Management :

  •   Audit Integration with SPI
  •   Action Monitoring Plan from Risk Management Audit Findings

4. Risk Program :    

  •   Review of Risk Management Procedures
  •   Risk Management Forum
  •   Certification and Risk Management Training
  •   Benchmark
  •   Upgrading IT-based Information Systems
  •   Risk Management Report

Certification and Training Risk Management WIKA

  1. Masterclass Certified Risk Management Professional (PIC risk management WIKA)
  2. Sharing Practical Risk Management Framework (The entire risk management practitioners both internal and external)
  3. Adequacy Audit Risk Management Workshop (Auditor)
  4. Enterprise Risk Management International Seminar (All practitioners of risk management both internal and external)
  5. Risk Management National Conference (All risk management practitioners both internal and external)

Risk Management knowledge sharing WIKA

Sharing knowledge is a strategic step in the management of risk management, these measures of risk management is realized on the forum is done 6 times in each year. Six of the forum include:

1. Risk Management Forum

2. Department of Risk Management Forum Function

3. Sharing the COP Excellence on Risk Management

4. Project Risk Management Forum

5. Internal and External Management FGD

6. Roundtable with the Risk Management Association


Effectiveness Review of WIKA Risk Management Systems

In the process still needed some refinement to improving acuity management of the WIKA risk management. Those Improvements include the following:

1. Increasing PIC risk management competence and certification to project level.

2. Risk management framework standardization on WIKA group level.

3. Consistency clinics and mentoring to work unit with cross function system.


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