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IT Governance

Today, information technology has an important and strategic role in supporting the success of the business and the competitiveness of enterprises. The application of information technology in business processes will encourage the creation of business efficiency processes and value-added. Thus business processes are able to encourage the achievement of operational performance that is able to produce quality products and services as well as in accordance with the expectations of customers. Effective information technology not only have an impact on improving operational performance, but more than that is able to support rapid decision making and appropriate for managers and executives of the company (decision rose’s systems). The application of information technology requires a relatively large cost and impact on the effectiveness of the relationship between the inside of the business process, so it takes governance in the implementation of information technology. 

WIKA is fully aware that in line with the business development group, required governance for the application of information technology so as to meet the modern corporation values such as: transparency, accountability, and responsibility. IT Governance is a network structure and processes to direct and control the organization in order to achieve organizational goals by adding value, by considering the risks against the resulting value of IT and its processes. Related to that, since 2004, WIKA has implemented information technology governance in the form of:

  • Information Protection Policy and Standards;
  • IT Steering Committee;
  • International Standard ISO / IEC: 20071: 2005
  • International Standard IT Governance that is the Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT);
  • Network Management Procedure;
  • Audit indormasi Technology;
  • And a variety of best practices in information technology governance.


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